Which Wood for Your Home Sauna?

The subject which wood is best for use at home sauna is. So I’d like to talk about the positives and negatives of both both Red and Hemlock Cedar both make excellent choices for sauna use.

Deciding the best wood for your house sauna is essential, particularly when you’re building one yourself. Carefully think about the following and select your house as well as what is going to work best for you.

The two finest choices of wood for a sauna are hemlock and red cedar. Lots of people favor red cedar due to its looks, however it will possess some downsides to it also, particularly when you’re a newcomer to sauna or wordworking construction.

Of both, hemlock has the tendency but at the exact same time it’s regarded as much more flexible and more powerful. Cedar on the other hand is more difficult to utilize but has a natural brooding tendency that makes it work extremely well to be used in a house sauna.

Natural sauna insulation is among the top reasons to select cedar in crafting sauna.


Hemlock has an extremely straight alignment to its grains, this does 2 things.

At the exact same time these straight grains produce the task of cutting it into little sauna parts quite simple, although it makes the wood more inclined to splinter. You’ll need to make really thin strips and build them with accuracy, when crafting sauna benches, or infrared sauna heater covers.


The capacity to cut this into the complex sauna parts is ensured to more your work easier and shouldn’t be missed for a beginner crafter.
To your sauna you’ll be adding the advantage of its own natural reflective properties with cedar. This really is not very bad for an outdoor sauna, and much more if you’re constructing one in a colder climate.

An outside cedar sauna will keep its shape with exactly the same exposure to weather it’s going to naturally continue more than hemlock and with less waterproofing.

These properties place cedar ahead of hemlock to be used in an outdoor sauna. The more daring color of red cedar can be something which you might need in your sauna, which will certainly stick out over a hemlock sauna.

Both of these will make an excellent choice to be used in a house sauna. If you have little experience with this particular sort of crafting and are constructing your first sauna, you need to stick with hemlock. Then red cedar may be the clear best choice, in the event you are making an outside sauna.

For house saunas that are hybrid and infrared saunas, both woods are absolutely great choices, so just fit your home decor to your sauna. Regardless of which one you pick, building a sauna is an extremely rewarding project that will provide you rewards for a long time.

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